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Fife District Association.

Fife District Association (DA) of the Camping and Caravanning Club was formed in 1994 by members of the District Associations of Edinburgh & East of Scotland and Perth & Angus. Camping and Caravanning Club members who live in Fife, Kinross-shire and Clackmannanshire automatically become members of Fife DA when they join. We also have members who live in other parts of Scotland. The DA has the Thane of Fife with an outline of the Fife coastline as a background for its logo. In the middle ages, Thanes or Knights kept order in Fife on behalf of the Kings of Scotland. For those of you who know your historical drama, you will remember Macduff, Thane of Fife, the character who killed Macbeth in William Shakespeare's play.

The DA has organised 8 weekend meets for 2024 and are also running 2 temporary holiday sites which last from two to three weeks. Our meets and holiday sites, which are held at a wide range of different locations, are open to all Club members and their families. We have themed weekend for Halloween at Scone Club Site.

This year Fife DA celebrates its 30th Birthday. We are having a party!! So come and join us from the 30th August 2024 at the Scottish Vintage Bus Museum, near Dunfermline. Party the Saturday night away with live music from Squeeze and Teeze.
For more details about all our meets and holiday sites for 2024, please have a look at our 'Events' page.


Fife D.A. committee is a friendly welcoming group of people who try their best to provide weekend meets, temporary holiday sites and social events, that members will enjoy being part of. As a club member for 29 years, I have been a committee member for much of that time, in various positions, but now I have to introduce myself as the new D.A. chairperson!! I’m following on from a very competent person with big shoes to fill, so no pressure. I can only say that with the help of a great committee I will strive to keep Fife D.A. the friendly welcoming group that members want to meet up with for camping & caravanning trips.

Check out the 2024 fixture list to see what we have planned. Look forward to seeing you all in a field somewhere over the coming months, but meantime if you want to ask, suggest or just get in touch, don’t hesitate to contact us. Details are here on the Fife D.A. website.

Margaret Morris
Fife District Association.

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